• False Accusations
  • I Need You
  • Oh No U Cant Do That
  • Blackbird
  • Strange Kind Of Love
  • Walk This Road
  • Now That Its Over
  • If Life Could Be Just Like The Movies


Latest news.

A minor injury has put in on hiatus but I have a new album ready to record and coming soon!

09/08/14  Mick Hanley

08/09/14  Terry Flood



Eric Shea

Matt Manning’s smooth and seasoned voice is perfect for Country-Folk. His songs are reflective works of art that are effective in their stripped-down acoustic-vibe. Here, a wooden six string accompanies Manning’s intimate inflections as background singers quietly coo over hushed bongo beats. His whole vibe kind of captures that version of “Everybody’s Talking,” the Fred Neil song that Nilson covered for the soundtrack to Midnight Cowboy.

Jack Hamlett

Matt Manning is a singer/songwriter. He has also built a reputation as a producer and an arranger. He has worked with some of the best in the music industry. This album reflects the great qualities that Matt has for putting words into song. The album is a mix of Irish and country, and is full of suburb ballads. Matt has worked his magic to hold you captive from the moment you put the disk in the player. You can feel the love that flows from this album yet you get caught up in the sadness of life’s ups and downs. […]

John Meier

With a minimum of backing musicians for each song, Matt draws you into them. You become relaxed, as Matt takes you in and out of each song, never letting your mind wander from the acoustic feel to the album. He gives your ears respect, not a bashing, and in return you give Matt the same. Star rating 10.

John O’Reagan

Waltzing an Angel is a work of quietly assuring quality that yields rich rewards on continued exposure.

Live Performance Review

The one thing that struck me right from the start was the sincerity and strength of feeling in Matt Manning’s voice. Singing songs that, although deeply personal, tugged at the individuals emotions. His songs were also about the subjects that each one of us could relate to.

London Advertiser

Now, I am not one for making comparisons, but Matt Manning has the quality of Gordon Lightfoot, the same keen sense of lyrics, a similar warm, intimate delivery.

Oyvrind Ronning

Waltzing an Angel is rock solid and well written, with Manning’s touching vocals. Perfect for a stressed out Christmas soul. 5 out of 6

Paul Dromey

Waltzing an Angel heralds the arrival of a new and talented Irish songwriter with a real gift.

PJ Curtis

Matt Manning crafts songs which spring from his own life experiences and keen observations, and delivers them with earthly passion, honesty, and directness of spirit. Matt possesses the most valuable gift of any songwriter can possess: the ability to reach out and through his songs and genuinely touch the heart of the listener.